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Moroccan Dirhams are the local currency. The current rate of exchange is one U.S. Dollar equals approximately 10.0 Dirhams (Dec. Ď02). The exchange rate fluctuates daily and Dirhams can only be bought and sold in Morocco. U.S. currency, Travelerís Checks and credit cards are accepted at most major establishments.


110 and 220 Volts at 50 Cycles with round plugs. Use of an adapter/converter is recommended.


Bargains in handicrafts such as leather, brass, copper, gold & silver jewelry, and rugs are found everywhere. Remember that bargaining over the price is considered a fine art in Morocco.


Light cotton clothing is recommended during the day and a light jacket, shawl or sweater for the evening. The desert can be cold at night, even in the summer. Comfortable sandals or walking shoes are advisable for tours and sightseeing. Women may be more comfortable wearing slacks while visiting the souks. One may dress more formally in the evening.


Moroccan cuisine is fantastic! Make sure you try the local specialties such as Couscous, Harira, Tajine of meat or chicken, Kefta, Lemon Chicken and Pastilla. The national drink is delicious Mint Tea that warms and refreshes at the same time. Bottled water is available everywhere.


Morocco boasts an ideal climate for vacationers, with 300 days of sunshine a year. The coastal areas are particularly pleasant. The summers are warm but not too hot, winters are fair and mild. Inland climate is temperate and dry.


Agadir 69  70 72 75 76 78 80  79 79 78 76 69
Casablanca  63 63 66 68 72 75 81 81 80 77 68 64
Fez 61 63 66 72 79 88 97 97 90 81 66 61
Marrakech 66 66 73 79 84 91 102 101 91 82  70 66
Rabat 63 64 66 70 73 77 82 82 81 77  68 64




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