Greece, the birthplace of civilization and democracy, a land full of culture and rich in historical influence, beauty and warmth offers travelers a great variety of vacation options. From the mainland with its archaeological sites, to it’s glorious islands with their unique cultures and topography, Greece’s history and geography provide the ultimate vacation setting for all types of travelers. If you have the time, we recommend experiencing both the mainland and the islands of this incredible destination. For the islands, we recommend you spend a few nights at each island to ensure you’re able to fully absorb the culture and experience unique to each island. In addition to Athens on the mainland, be sure to experience some of the classical sites, especially Delphi.




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Here you will find a selection of our hand crafted independent and partially escorted itineraries.  These itineraries are not packaged group tours, but are independently hosted trips.  By taking one of these itineraries, you will be embarking on your own vacation.  These itineraries are set up to capture the variety of attractions that Greece has to offer and are a comprehensive selection of vacation ideas.

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If you do not find specifically what you’re looking for by way of our hand crafted itineraries, we are happy to customize an itinerary specific to your needs.  By filling out a brief questionnaire, one of our experts will be able to assist you with putting together the right itinerary for your particular needs.  Whether your itinerary is slightly modified from our hand-crafted itineraries or a completely customized island hop adventure, you’re in excellent hands for your next trip to Greece.

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