Nile Wonder



11 Days from $2,060 - Land Only


4 Nights Cairo, 2 Nights Luxor, 5-Day Nile Cruise plus Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Dendarah



Enjoy 4-nights in this fascinating capital city. While here you will enjoy private sightseeing taking you to the Egyptian Museum, the Sphinx, the Pyramids in Giza and the Khan El Khalili bazaars.  You will also have leisure time to explore the marketplaces and many cultural wonders of this modern city.

Nile Cruise

This package will take you on a 5-day cruise of the incredible Nile River.  The cruise will begin in Aswan and take you to the Temple of Philae and unfinished Obelisk.  On the second day of the cruise you will sail to Kom Ombo and visit the temple shared by the gods Sobek and Haeroris.  After visiting Kom Ombo you will sail to Edfu to visit the 2,000 year old Temple of Horus.  On the final day of the cruise you will visit Luxor and the most important area of the Nile, the West Bank.  During this stop you will tour the Valley of Kings and Queens.  After touring the West Bank you will visit the East Bank to see the Karnak and Luxor Temples.


Enjoy 2-nights in this ancient city, home to some of Egypt's most cherished artifacts.  In addition to leisure time, you will enjoy private sightseeing here to visit Dendarah, where the fascinating Temple of Hathor is located.  It is estimated that this temple took 100 years to build.  Your sightseeing will also take you to the Luxor Museum, Nobles Tomb and Habu Temple.


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